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Obesity Crisis Part Two

Now, here’s another thing that has a lot to do with the obesity crisis and getting and keeping people fat. I work and go to school. I go to school full time and I work almost full time. If I worked four more hours a week, I would be full time. Also, I’m depressed and I have PTSD and I go to therapy every week. It’s a lot. My weeks are very full.

So I get off of work at eight pm and I need to eat dinner, but I have to do it quickly because I need to be AT work at six am. And I need to sleep and do homework in there as well. Also, I need to eat. Now, what I could do is make food at home and spend at least an hour cooking and cleaning up. Alternately, I could stop at say, Cook-Out and pick up dinner there and eat it while I do homework. Clean up? Throw stuff away.

And yes, people say that cooking at home is cheaper, which it totally can be. But it’s also time intensive.

So let’s look at the time between getting off of work and going to work: It’s ten hours.

Driving there and back is 15 minutes each way. So a half hour total.
We’re down to 9.5 hours.
I want to shower at some point, so that’s fifteen minutes.
Getting dressed in the morning and doing my hair takes about fifteen minutes:
I want to sleep for at least six hours:
I want to eat breakfast before work that is more than just a granola bar, so that’s 15 minutes.
Say I do my yoga and exercising stuff before bed:
That leaves two hours and fifteen minutes. That’s all.

In those two hours and change, I need to do homework and eat dinner. Is it smarter to cook or just pick something up? It’s hard and I’d appreciate it if people could stop judging me.

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